We need to think of the planet as a whole.

We need to rethink all of the infrastructure in this world.

We think it's public servants' job to manage and repair the infrastructure we depend on in our daily lives, and the foundations of that infrastructure.

The infrastructure that spans this whole planet—gas, water and electricity supplies, roads and railways—is our world, our environment.

So why isn't it members of the community who are maintaining them, managing them, watching for deterioration?

Let's change that.

We're switching to reusable shopping bags, phasing out plastic products and buying electric vehicles.
That's what we've been led to believe that we need to do to achieve the SDGs, which we're hearing a lot about at the moment.

But saving the plant will take more than that.
Our way of life is unsustainable.

It's not just about nature; our manmade infrastructure is part of our planet too.

As much as clear skies, abundant greenery and clean seas, we need our infrastructure to protect the planet and enrich our lives.
Our communities can bring about evolution in our infrastructure.
We can clean it up, improve it and make it sustainable just as we're trying to do with our natural environment. And so we're adding a new dimension to community-driven environmental initiatives.

The first step is Japan's manholes.
After all, manholes are a part of our world.
And that's where our game begins.

About Us

Infrastructure is our world. It's our living environment.And that's why it needs to be back in communities' hands.

Infrastructure is the closest thing to ordinary people, and yet it's the furthest too.
Because water, gas, electricity and roads are the foundations of everyone's lives, maintaining them and managing them is treated as a public service.
But in doing so, we are leaving that work to others instead of doing it ourselves.
Stop and think about these services for a moment. Is this really good enough? We bear the cost in the end through public utility charges and taxes. And we don't question this unbalanced system because it's been that way for as long as we can remember.

Infrastructures around the world—Japan is far from alone— are steadily aging, but consistent maintenance and upgrades are not being taken into consideration. We are working on apps for gathering information on infrastructure. First, members of the public work collectively to gather information on infrastructure. The database where that information is registered is shared with local infrastructure companies and local government bodies, assisting in all areas of infrastructure maintenance. Our apps connect members of the public, infrastructure companies and local government bodies and facilitate cooperation between the three parties.


It’s citizens, us and our development partners,and we're building our ecosystem to reflect all three perspectives.

The establishment of Whole Earth Foundation, the creation of Guardians of Metal and Concrete and its reimagining as TEKKON are just the beginning. When you as members of the public use our smartphone app, you are helping to make your neighborhood's infrastructure better and contributing to the development of your community. And of course, we can't do it without our development partners, who help us by developing dynamic tools that will help to improve infrastructure and local environments and sharing their projects and visions with the world. By providing incentives for this game to make it worth people's while, we are making a difference to a concerning social ill.
And by providing financial value in addition to the inherent value of taking part in a social activity to maintain and improve infrastructure, we are making infrastructure yours in intangible and tangible ways.
That's why virtual currency is a part of our ecosystem for community infrastructure maintenance. This is a move from an obsolete system to a new ecosystem.
We are using the decentralized technology of blockchains to provide social value. This is a new awakening.


You are essential gamers for Japan.

It's time to stop leaving this work to others and make this work community-led.
Make infrastructure maintenance something that is part of our lives, not something removed from them. Infrastructure management that is by the public, for the public.
Let's bring infrastructure back into communities' hands in a meaningful way. This game and the new ecosystem it is creating are just the beginning. This is your community development project and we hope you have a blast.
We believe that this is essential for the development of communities and countries, and will get people thinking about the planet as a whole.

TEKKON is a Web3 app for "Social goods". You can earn a token by posting and reviewing infrastructure data.

An event held across Japan to collect manhole data

An event held across Japan to collect manhole data

White Paper

We propose that a Whole Earth Foundation data exchange platform be used to create an ecosystem that connects members of the public with infrastructure service providers, encourages people to access databases that contain details on infrastructure and facilitates communication and collaboration.


  • Takashi Kato
  • Mayumi "Mary" Suzuki
  • Eisuke "ACEK" Mito
  • Kengo Nakajima
  • Kaichi Momose
  • Hideki Okada
  • Yoshiki Okamoto
  • Yumiko Nishimura
  • Eliziel Balleta
  • Shinichiro Sera
  • Kyoko Fukuda


2020 Q4
  • Project Genesis
2021 Q1
  • Partnership with Fracta, Inc
2021 Q2
  • Partnership with Nippon Chutetsukan, a major Japanese water infrastructure firm
  • Begin developing Proof-of-Concept (PoC) manhole game project
  • Coin listed on ProBit. Global Exchange
2021 Q3
  • First closed pilot test of PoC manhole game project in Tokyo, Japan
2021 Q4
  • Coin listed on BitMart Exchange
2022 Q1
  • Coin listed on MEXC Exchange
  • Coin listed on Bittrex Exchange
  • "Guardians of Metal and Concreta" iOS/Android app release
2022 Q2
  • Web3.0 App "TEKKON" team building
2022 Q3
  • "TEKKON" closed beta release
  • "TEKKON" public beta release
Upcoming Milestones
  • List on major exchanges
  • Expanding the target infrastructure of “TEKKON”
  • Expand partnership opportunities with organizations